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Madeca chili con burger

A Taste of Fil-Mex Cuisine at MaDeCa

Fusion restaurants are great options for foodies who would like to explore flavorful twists from different cuisines. One fusion that caught my fancy recently is the Filipino-Mexican dishes offered by MaDeCa . Kare-Kare and Crispy Pata are my Pinoy comfort food while enchilada, quesadillas, and … [read more]

cafe lidia food

Steaks, Pasta and More at Café Lidia

Affordable and great tasting meals are the best for practical foodies like me. Places that offer good food without burning a hole in your pocket definitely earns a spot in our list of favorite dining places. Our recent addition to this list is Cafe Lidia. This quaint restaurant in Marikina City has … [read more]

Dayap Chiffon Cake Chocolate Kiss

One More Dayap Chiffon Cake Please!

There are plenty of new cake shops around for foodies to explore and talk about but sometimes it is the classic favorites that wins over our cravings. For a couple of years now, the Dayap Chiffon Cake from the Chocolate Kiss Café  has been sweetening up our snack time on special days. The cake … [read more]

Amici Restaurant

Valentine’s at Amici Restaurant

There are plenty of good restaurants in the metro that are great for family gatherings. One of the restaurants that my sisters and I would frequent for an impromptu get together is the Amici Restaurant . This Italian restaurant has been around for more than a decade already and a favorite of our … [read more]

Mountain Maid Snowballs

Munch on Snowballs from Baguio

Metro Manila has experienced low temperature levels in the past few weeks that one would not feel the need to go to Baguio for a cool and relaxing weekend. But there are some treats from Baguio that we got to enjoy in the cold Metro weather. Mountain Maid Ube and Strawberry Jam from Good Shepherd … [read more]

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Lumpiang Ubod

Lumpiang Ubod with Ajinomoto PORKSAVOR

Getting kids to eat their veggies is a challenge for a lot of moms. Some moms simply hide their veggies in the meat dishes to sneak some added nutrients into their child’s diet. This can be done in dishes like Lumpiang Shanghai or meatballs where the veggies are grated or minced and mixed with … [read more]

Gulay na Santol

Manay Onia s Gulay na Santol Recipe

Santol or cotton fruit is one of the street food favorites in the Philippines along with Manggang Hilaw (green mango) and Singkamas (turnip) with Bagoong (shrimp Paste). This fruit is usually eaten raw with a bit of salt to counter its sweet sour taste. It can also be made into marmalade, candied … [read more]

Del Monte Kitchenomics Cooking Show

Del Monte Kitchenomics Launches New Season

More Recipes, Less Hassles with  Del Monte Kitchenomics' New Season Who says you have to be a couch potato when you watch the television?  One of our favorites, Del Monte Kitchenomics continues to get viewers off their couches and head off to their kitchens to whip up delicious yet family-approved … [read more]

aloha binagoongan baboy

Aloha! Binagoongang Baboy

Watching cooking shows like Top Chef, Iron Chef, and Master Chef can teach you that anything is possible in the kitchen. Weird ingredients or unlikely combination of flavors can sometimes turn into a delectable dish. Sometimes, even a kitchen boo boo can result to a new and improved version of an … [read more]

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